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10 Signs That Desperately Need to Be Proofread

09.19.12 - Poor grammar and spelling can ruin your message…Call us to make sure that doesn't happen to you!

How often do you spot language errors on public signs?

How many times do you point out one of these spelling or punctuation errors to a loved one, who simply sighs or rolls his or her eyes in response? Probably on more than a few occasions.

We feel your pain.

It's a good thing we didn't see any of these signs in person. Imagine the reaction.

Hold tight; here we go.

When you're not sure whether it's "your" or "you're," use both:

(via The Huffington Post)

What's in those "to go" boxes?

(via The Grammar Vandal)

Now banned on all flights (and TSA signs): commas.

(via @NColtrain)

We're guessing the answer is spelling skills—or the lack thereof.

(via Flickr)

On writing good well …

(via The Huffington Post)

The most dreaded—and common—typo, writ large.


Who is Bill, and what did he do with that missing "d"?


Sometimes, ignorance is hilarious.


The situation was so desperate; there was no time for punctuation.

(via PR Daily's Facebook page)

They're kidding, right?

By Michael Sebastian

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