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On A Roll

08.01.13 - The communications business in Western New York is fraught with mystery. This is particularly true of fundraising.

We are lucky here at Tracy Diina Communications. We work on mission driven projects that make a difference in our community. One of our most interesting projects lately has been an educational program for special education students. It is a program new to our region, and has thus been a challenge to raise funding and visibility. This program, however, can literally change the trajectory of special ed students—which represent approximately 20% of total enrolled students in our region. The good news is that we were able to secure a $64,000 grant from the Children's Guild, and this program will become a reality this September. So…here's to changing the world…one project at a time!

We love to support non-profits, and mission based projects.
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Tracy Diina Communications provides PR and fundraising support for non-profits and small businesses who need big time results. We provide personal, mission driven attention to your organization, using our experience in issues development, communications and non-profit management. And remember…at Tracy Diina Communications, all work is totally catered to the individual client so once an organization's needs are fully fleshed out, we will determine what package we can create that will be the best fit for you!

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