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Let My Inspiration Flow…

04.10.12 - I have operated Tracy Diina Communications for nearly three years now, although my business really began in the late 1990s as I was swept up in the entrepreneurial spirit of the dot com era. I did side jobs here and there as Tracy Diina Communications—a lot of work for the sadly expired Catholic Central School—and the re-branding of the Polish Community Center, transforming it to the Matt Urban Human Services Center. I did these projects as my business but wasn't quite ready to go it alone...and frankly, worked a job that I loved during most of these years.

Amazing though how it works. After years of doing what I loved—making literacy a key priority in the City of Buffalo—I have ended up doing exactly what I am supposed to do. I help non-profits and small businesses as a jack of all trades. Mostly, I develop and implement public awareness campaigns and then I write. Grants, Press Releases, Blogs, Newsletters/E-Newsletters, Regular Letters, Case Studies and Lots of Copy—for Brochures, Websites, Annual Reports. I do so much more though. I make a lot of contacts, brainstorm and create a lot of partnerships, set up a lot of meetings, lobby elected officials. I work on events. I create sponsorship packages and track down sponsors. I have advance training in the Benevon fundraising model. I can even write curriculum for programs. At times, I have been asked to "pinch hit" for staff who were out on leave, assuming his or her duties. In short, I am flexible and not only do it all…I like doing it all!

So why am I expounding? Most of all, because I am grateful. I get to do something that I love, and every day it is something new. Follow your heart and you will never be wrong. You may be broke, but you will never be wrong.

About Tracy Diina Communications
Tracy Diina Communications provides PR and fundraising support for non-profits and small businesses who need big time results. We provide personal, mission driven attention to your organization, using our experience in issues development, communications and non-profit management. And remember…at Tracy Diina Communications, all work is totally catered to the individual client so once an organization's needs are fully fleshed out, we will determine what package we can create that will be the best fit for you!

Contact us today at or 208-1064

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