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01.06.10 -
TTracy Diina Communications announced that it has combined forces with the Family Voices Network to raise the visibility of mental health issues in our area and to highlight the existing mental health services currently offered. We will facilitate a branding and messaging project with our strategic partner, Otherwisz as well as organize a Luncheon in May 2010 for Mental Health Month.

The Family Voices Network is a collaboration of the Erie County Departments of Social Services and Mental Health. It was created in October 2004 as a unit within the Erie County Department of Mental Health to address the needs of children and youth (age 5-17) experiencing complex serious mental health challenges. Erie County implemented the “Wraparound Initiative” under Family Voices Network of Erie County.

With the Family Voices Network, a new referral process was implemented for all children in the Erie County System of Care where one application is used to refer children to appropriate supports and services within the system and our community. Wraparound is the highest level of care offered in Erie County for children, youth and their families with mental health, behavioral health and social challenges.

Since its inception, The Family Voices Network (FVN) has served nearly 1,000 families in Erie County. The FVN has helped:
• children improve attendance at school
• provide support for parents to help with their children at home
• keep children out of detention, residential treatment facilities and
residential treatment centers
• teach children, youth and families how to understand the impact of mental health
on their lives

The FVN has seven care coordination agencies and one family advocacy agency within Erie County who are providing services to families who are involved in the Wraparound Process. These agencies have experience working with children and families who are experiencing mental health challenges.

Each agency works with referred families to identify their strength & needs, develop and implement a plan to address those needs.
• Families’ CAN! (advocacy support)
• Child & Family Services
• Gateway-Longview, Inc.
• Child Adolescent Treatment Services
• Hopevale, Inc.
• Joan A. Male Family Center
• Mid-Erie Counseling & Treatment Services
• New Directions Youth & Family Servicesd 

The FVN also links families with valuable services. When a family needs a special support or service the care coordination agency will find it among the more than 40 contracted vendors. The vendors provide individualized services based on the needs of the family. Tracy Diina Communications is excited to be working with such a progressive and positive collaborative.

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